Is It Worth Getting A Growler?

Asked by: Obie Cassin

Growlers are containers used to transport and store beer that is typically purchased from a retail store, restaurant, brew-pub or brewery poured from a keg through a tap system. They are often made from glass, stainless steel or ceramic materials, which help preserve beer for a period of time with minimal degradation.

How long do growler fills last?

If the growler is tightly sealed and remains unopened and chilled, the beer stays fresh for several days – even longer, if the bar has a filling system that injects carbon dioxide into the growler. Once opened, the beer can stay fresh for about 36 hours before it goes flat.

Why are growlers cheaper?

Growlers became a thing because there were beers you could only get on tap. If there is a beer that you can get on tap or in bottles, it is almost assuredly a better deal to get the bottle. In addition, the carbonation will be better and the bottles will last longer.

How much should I pay for a growler?

The average cost for a fill growler fills for $9 (or 14? an ounce) or less are typically good bets. Never pay more than $15 for a growler fill unless it is a special release or uncommon ale type. Certainly don’t buy it unless you have a taste first!

How much does it cost to fill a 64oz growler?

Average price for a 64oz growler fill is $13-15. Average price for a 32oz crowler is $9. Are all beers available or do you have some beers you won’t put in growlers?

Do you have to refrigerate a growler?

We recommend that you drink your growler within one to two weeks when kept unopened and refrigerated. Once it is opened you should drink it, phone a friend for larger volume growlers. When a growler is opened air replaces the beer inside the growler and the remaining beer in the growler oxidizes quickly.

How do I keep my growler from going flat?

If a growler is properly sealed and promptly chilled, you can expect your beer to remain fresh for several days. If the brewery or bar uses a carbon dioxide filling method, you can expect fresh beer for even longer. When you get your growler home, put it in the refrigerator to keep the beer cold.

How many beers does a growler hold?

As the name might suggest, growlers are quite large in size and can transport a lot of beer—64 ounces, to be exact, or a little more than five bottles of beer—while half growlers (called howlers) can hold a respectable 32 ounces. Some herald growlers and howlers as a more mobile flavor-keeping keg.

Do you tip for growler fills?

When asking him and other beertenders what they thought they should get for growler fills most said that $1 to $2 was fine. If you instead look at it from a standard percentage of 15%, then this $1 or $2 range is often the same as a 15% tip. Most growler fills are $10 for the fill, so 15% is $1.50.

Do you drink from a growler?

Growlers represent a fun way to purchase and enjoy beer, but growlers are meant to be enjoyed shortly after you buy them. Drink growlers within a couple days of filling.

What to do with empty growlers?

You’ve got extra growlers on hand? We’ve got ideas…

  1. Very easy: turn a growler into a vase.
  2. Pretty easy: DIY a mosquito repellent growler lantern.
  3. Medium difficulty: upcycle your growler into a lamp.
  4. For the craftiest DIYers: turn a growler into a succulent planter.

Do breweries clean growlers?

Signs your growler is gross

Since the onset of the novel coronavirus, the brewer will not only rinse a customer’s growler, but they also sanitize it. “Growlers are usually dark glass,” says Lavery.


How long does beer last in a stainless steel growler?

An insulated growler is also going to keep your beer cold for a long time. Most stainless steel growlers will keep your beer (or other beverage) cold for 24+ hours, which means you can bring your beer on your next camping trip, hike, or road trip to the beach and enjoy it at the right temperature.

Is a growler?

A growler (US) (/ˈɡraʊlər/) is a glass, ceramic, or stainless steel bottle (or jug) used to transport draft beer. They are commonly sold at breweries and brewpubs as a means to sell take-out craft beer. Rarely, beers are bottled in growlers for retail sale.

Is it cheaper to fill a growler?

Well, it’s considerably cheaper than buying the same amount of your favorite beverage in individual glass bottles. Filling a 64-ounce growler with craft beer that’s fresh from the keg will cost as little as $8. … Beer breweries that forego bottling operations are enjoying similar savings.

How much pressure can a glass growler hold?

Filled growlers can shatter or explode if allowed to warm or freeze, especially if they are overfilled. The internal pressure of a filled growler warmed to room temperature (68F) or in a hot car (90F) may be as high as 2.0 atm (29 psi) or 3.7 atm (52 psig) respectively.

How long will a growler stay carbonated?

On average, a glass growler keeps beer carbonated and tap-worthy fresh for about three days. After that point, it begins to degrade due to oxygen intake and UV light. While how long crowlers last depends on how you care for them, they remain fresher for longer than the glass alternatives.

Can you let a growler get warm?

Carbonation is more volatile in warm beer, so when the temperature goes up, the carbon dioxide evolves, or escapes. Once it’s gone you can’t get it back. … Also, keep your growlers beer-ready. Wash and dry the jug (and the cap) and don’t let it warm up just before a fill.

How long does a growler of cider last after opening?

How Long Will Cider Keep Once It Is Opened? Once you have opened cider, you should keep it refrigerated and use the hard cider within 7 to 10 days.

How do you store a growler?

When taking beer home, it’s best to put it in the fridge as early as possible. If you’re driving and can’t put it in the fridge, a simple cooler of ice will do the trick. It doesn’t take much to keep it cool, and it’s well worth it. Or pick up one of our double insulated growlers.

How much does an empty growler cost?

The one-and-done nature of the aluminum vessels makes them an attractive option for customers who don’t want to purchase a branded glass jug from a brewery they might not visit regularly. Empty growlers can cost from $6 to more than $10, plus the price of the fill.

How many drinks are in a growler?

An average craft beer growler holds 64 ounces of beer (just under 2 litres), which is roughly 4 pints. To get a better idea if you’re getting more bang for your buck, you typically get about 72 oz of beer in a six-pack.

Do breweries sell growlers?

Retail Sales of Growlers

They must be filled at a licensed beer manufacturer, meet all labeling requirements and be price posted. A retailer may only purchase a growler from a type 23 or 01 self-distributing their own products or from a type 17 beer and wine wholesaler.