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Proctor Silex® cooking appliances & accessories are designed, manufactured and solely distributed by Aramco Imports Inc. Don’t have an account? Request one today! Is Proctor Silex a good brand? 4.0 out of 5 stars Good and Convenient For The Money. This little coffee maker makes great coffee, especially for theRead More →

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It’s made by splitting a piece of full-grain leather and sanding away any imperfections in the hide and stamping a fake grain on it. Usually, it’s then treated and colored to provide a completely uniform look. Are cows killed just for leather? Leather is a material made from the hideRead More →

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Bridgestone still has Australian plants, so some of their products are made in Australia. Bridgestone owns Firestone in the U.S., and they also have a large European operation. In fact, they are the world’s largest tyre manufacturer. In 2010, they pulled in $35.3 billion worth of revenue. Which TYRE brandRead More →

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Lough Neagh is among the most heavily polluted waters in Europe, according to new research. Fertiliser and animal waste from farms are the main sources of nitrates and phosphates seeping into the lake and poisoning it. Do people swim in Lough Neagh? “With our leisure and swimming facilities currently closedRead More →

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Made in America Behind every one of our appliances is the work of 13,600 dedicated U.S. employees. From refrigerators to dishwashers, ovens to ranges, washers to dryers and air conditioning units to water heaters, many of our products are Made in America at our nine manufacturing facilities. Who makes GERead More →

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The French term pure laine, literally meaning pure wool (and often translated as dyed-in-the-wool), refers to those whose ancestry is exclusively French-Canadian. The term probably relates to the raising of sheep for wool, which was common in rural Quebec of the 1700s. What is the meaning of pure laine? :Read More →

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The Yungang Grottoes, in Datong city, Shanxi Province, with their 252 caves and 51,000 statues, represent the outstanding achievement of Buddhist cave art in China in the 5th and 6th centuries. Who made the seated Buddha Cave 20? Historical records recount that Tanyao, a renowned monk cleric with official ranks,Read More →

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The Earth’s mantle is mostly made of solid rock. … The Earth’s mantle is mostly solid from the liquid outer core to the crust, but it can creep on the long-term, which surely strengthens the misconception of a liquid mantle. What rock is the earth’s crust made of? From mudRead More →

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Sheet metal refers to metal formed through a variety of manufacturing processes into flat pieces of varying thickness, ranging from thin foils to thick plates. It commonly finds application in sheet metal fabrication operations to produce products for the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. What types of sheet metal areRead More →

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3M products used mostly by the U.S. electrical industry are made in places such as New Ulm and Hutchinson, MN and Chelmsford, MA. Is 3M made in America? In the United States, 3M operates 80 manufacturing facilities in 29 states, and 125 manufacturing and converting facilities in 37 countries outsideRead More →