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What Should I Do In Katherine Now?

Asked by: Eldridge Johnston II
  • Katherine Outback Experience.
  • Edith/ Leliyn Falls.
  • Top Didj Aboriginal Cultural Experience.
  • Nitmiluk National Park.
  • Marksie’s Stockman’s Camp Tucker Night.
  • Helispirit.
  • Katherine Museum.
  • Katherine Hot Springs.

What can you do in Katherine for free?

  • Edith Falls. 759. Waterfalls. …
  • Katherine Hot Springs. 606. National Parks • Hot Springs & Geysers. …
  • Katherine Visitor Information Centre. 241. Visitor Centres. …
  • Low Level Nature Reserve. Nature & Wildlife Areas. …
  • MiMi Aboriginal Art & Craft. Art Galleries.
  • Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre. Points of Interest & Landmarks.

How long should I spend in Katherine?

If you want to enjoy some of the many other tours on offer here, including dawn cruises, sunset dinner cruises or helicopter tours that allow you to see further up the gorge, 2-3 days really is required.

Is Katherine Gorge worth visiting?

The scenery and history behind the place was breathtaking. Our guide was successfully able to transform an otherwise boiling hot & uncomfortable day into one of intrigue & grandeur. It’s well worth a visit to Katherine Gorge, and I highly recommend the boat tour while you’re there.

Can you swim in Katherine Gorge?

Katherine Gorge

Swim between the sheer cliffs of the gorge itself to sandy freshwater beaches, or walk into the paperbark and pandanus-fringed plunge pool or alternatively enjoy a relaxing Cruise along the Gorge.

How do I explore Katherine Gorge?

There are many ways to view the Gorge; boat cruises, canoe hire, hiking, plane and helicopter flights. A unique experience is to see the Gorge change colour during sunset while partaking in fine dining on the Dinner Cruise.

Are there crocodiles in Katherine Gorge?

There are saltwater crocodiles in the Katherine River, further downstream. … But the Katherine Gorge is a “no-go” zone for saltwater crocodiles. It is not a suitable habitat to start with, and on top of that it is closely monitored at all times.

Can you walk around Katherine Gorge?

Explore the Katherine Gorge system and surrounding escarpment through a network of eight southern walks in the park. They range from 1.8km return to 39km. You’ll be rewarded with spectacular views, swimming and camping away from the crowds.

How old is Katherine Gorge?

Made up of 13 gorges with falls and rapids, the 23 million year old Katherine Gorge is a must see experience when traveling the Top End.

What spectacular natural attraction is found at Katherine?

1. Explore the mighty Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge. There are many ways to experience world-famous Nitmiluk Gorge in the Nitmiluk National Park. Canoe up the gorge spotting hidden waterfalls, Aboriginal rock art and wildlife, or board a peaceful cruise.

What’s it like living in Katherine?

Katherine enjoys a sub-tropical climate with a distinct wet season (October – March) and dry season (April – September). The Katherine lifestyle is well suited to those who enjoy nature-based recreation activities such as fishing, bushwalking, camping, canoeing and swimming.

Is Katherine a safe town?

Crime rates in Katherine have reached alarming levels, according to the latest police statistics. Breaking and stealing from shops and homes in Katherine has reached an unwanted record. Break-ins on town shops have risen a remarkable 167 per cent in the past year.

Can you swim at Edith Falls?

You can enjoy swimming in the paperbark and pandanus fringed natural pool at the base of the falls most of the year, although it may be closed to swimming at times between November through to April. The area is great for bushwalking with the 2.6km Leliyn Trail offering a challenging walk along a steep, rocky loop.


How deep is Jim Jim falls?

The waterfall descends from an elevation of 259 metres (850 ft) above sea level via one drop that ranges in height between 140 and 200 metres (460 and 660 ft) into a plunge pool within the creek. The falls are located near the eastern boundary of the national park and 28 kilometres (17 mi) south of Jabiru.

Can you see Katherine Gorge without a tour?

A trip to or through Katherine would not be complete without a visit to Katherine Gorge located in Nitmiluk National Park. … There are so many possibilities when you explore Katherine Gorge, including canoeing, sunset dinner cruises, long walks, swimming stops or even helicopter flights.

Can you swim at Douglas Daly?

Just east of the Daly River is the area known as the Douglas Daly. … There are plenty of camping and caravan facilities in the region, including the Douglas Daly Tourist Park where you can swim through The Arches, an amazing natural formation, into a waterhole that’s safe for swimming.

How do I get to Butterfly Gorge?

Travel 200km south along the Stuart Highway from Darwin, or 150km north from Katherine and turn onto Dorat Road. Then turn onto Oolloo Road and follow the signs to the park. The last 17km into the park is a four wheel drive (4WD) track and is not suitable for caravans. Check road conditions before you go.

Is it safe to swim in Kakadu?

The answer is a; yes you can! But with caution and never alone. You can download the Parks Australia Kakadu water safety guide here for more information. Danger levels can vary depending on it being wet or dry season and many areas are closed off during the tropical wet season.

Is Bitter Springs safe to swim in?

The Mataranka Thermal Pools and Bitter Springs are both located in the Elsey National Park. It is safe to swim here and the springs are a perfect 34 degrees Celsius year ’round. The rest of the National Park waterways are crocodile habitat, so no swimming.

Is it safe to swim with freshwater crocodiles?

Avoid: going too near freshwater crocs – although they are not aggressive like the saltwater crocodile, they can still inflict a serious bite. releasing chemicals in waterways. swimming in crocodile territory, although it is generally considered safe to swim near freshwater crocodiles.

Why is Katherine Gorge special?

The gorges and surrounding landscape have great ceremonial significance for the local Jawoyn people, its custodians. In the Jawoyn language, Nitmiluk means “the place of the cicada dreaming”. In the dry season, the waters of the gorge are largely calm and ideal for swimming and canoeing.

What should I wear to Katherine Gorge?

Be aware that it is hot and rugged up on the escarpment so choose a walk that suits your level of fitness and follow the guidelines here for a safe and enjoyable walk. Day Walks Wear: loose fitting, light-coloured clothing and sunscreen • a broad-brimmed hat • sturdy shoes or boots (not thongs).

How many days do you need in Kakadu?

Ideally three days are required, though seven days or more will reward you with an experience that you will never forget. We have come up with some itineraries that will help you build your ‘Kakadu Experience’.