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Why Is A Good Ball Called A Jaffa?

Asked by: Amani Witting

A “chanceless innings/knock” is when a batsman doesn’t give any chances to the opponent.

What is the ball in cricket called?

White Kookaburra balls are used in one-day and Twenty20 international matches, while red Kookaburras are used in test matches played in most of the twelve test-playing nations, except for the West Indies, Ireland and England, who use Dukes, and India, who use SG balls.

Which cricketing term refers to a really easy ball to hit a gift?

Lollipop – A really easy ball to hit – a ‘gift’ Long hop – a ball which pitches short, sits up and ‘begs’ to be hit. Loop – The flight of the ball. Maiden – An over where no runs that are attributable to the bowler are scored (byes or leg-byes may be scored in this over, though, as these don’t count against the bowler)

What is a bunny in cricket?

Cricinfo defines a bunny as “Also known as rabbit, a member of the side who cannot bat and is chosen as a specialist bowler or wicketkeeper, and who almost always bats at number 11.

What is a donkey drop in cricket?

donkey drop (plural donkey drops) (cricket) A pitch of the ball that aims to land it on the stumps from as great a height as possible, preferably with the ball descending behind the batsman standing at the crease.

Why is an easy catch called a dolly?

Shelled a dolly is a term used in Rubicon Cricket that refers to dropping a really easy catch. When a fielder fails to catch a ball like this, it is considered to be a very embarrassing error and is often called dropping a dolly or in this case shelled a dolly. …

Why is cricket ball white?

Why were white balls introduced in the first place? White balls are used in limited-overs matches that usually require the team batting second to play their innings under floodlights. Under these conditions a white ball is easier to see than a red one.

What is dolly catch cricket?

DOLLY. A very easy catch taken by a fielder. EDGE (SNICK OR NICK) When a batsman only just touches the ball with the side of his bat and is caught by the wicket keeper or the slips.

Should I put Extratec on my bat?

It is by far the best form of bat protection & does not reduce performance. Extratec also assists in maintaining the moisture levels in bats, however we still recommend to lightly oil the exposed timber every 12 weeks or so.

What is knocked bat?

Knocking-In is the process of preparing your cricket bat to be used for the first time. … When the face is complete, the mallet should no longer be leaving marks on your bat. When you have completed the face you can move on to the edges of the bat.

Why is it called a duck in cricket?

The name is believed to come from the shape of the number “0” being similar to that of a duck’s egg, as in the case of the American slang term “goose-egg” popular in baseball and the tennis term “love”, derived – according to one theory – from French l’œuf (“the egg”).

What is a Pfeiffer in cricket?

Australian cricketers use the rhyming slang “getting a Michelle” when they take five wickets in an innings. This means they have taken “Five for” which has become a “Pfeiffer” and hence a “Michelle”, in reference to Michelle Pfeiffer.


Why is it called a yorker in cricket?

Yorker. … A yorker could be described as the king of all bowls. It’s when the ball lands directly at the batter’s feet, and it’s extremely difficult to hit. Oxford dictionaries suggests that the term was coined because players from York bowled them so often.

Why is cricket ball red?

Why Red Ball in Test Cricket:

In such a day, players used to have trouble seeing the white ball during the day. At the same time the red ball was easily visible. Apart from this, players were in white dress in such matches. Hence also the color of the ball was kept red.

Why are there no wides in Test cricket?

Be it on the off-side or leg-side, umpires don’t rule a delivery as a “wide” until and unless the ball’s trajectory moves outside the pitch. It is due to the same reason that there is no “inner wide” line on the pitch in Test cricket as compared to white-ball cricket.

What is a maiden over in cricket?

A maiden over is an over in which no runs are scored that count against the bowler (so leg byes and byes may be scored as they are not counted against the bowler).

What is Overpitch?

: to pitch (a bowled ball) too close to the wicket in cricket.

What are the two small items which sit on top of the stumps called bails or ticks?

In the sport of cricket, a bail is one of the two smaller sticks placed on top of the three stumps to form a wicket. The bails are used to determine when the wicket is broken or put down, which in turn is one of the critical factors in determining whether a batsman is out bowled, stumped, run out or hit wicket.

Can 2 wickets fall in 1 ball?

No, there is no rules in cricket that for one valid ball/bowling one can take two wickets at the same time even nowadays free hit given only for no ball to favour the batsman only and not the bowler for that even he did mistakes as no ball and no batsmen done any mistake on the other hand.

What’s the most beautiful thing in cricket?

The Five Most Beautiful Sights in Cricket

  • Lara’s one-legged swivel.
  • Waqar’s in-swinging yorker.
  • Azhar’s leg glance.
  • Sanath’s slash over point.
  • The Master’s straight drive.
  • Saaed Anwar’s cover drive.
  • Carl Hooper’s late cut.
  • Dada’s loft against the spinners.

Which is the fastest ball in cricket history?

Shoaib Akhtar – Pakistan (Fastest ball: 161.3 kmph)

No prizes for guessing that the fastest bowler in the history of cricket is Pakistan’s Shoaib Akhtar, nicknamed Rawalpindi Express for his pace. He holds the record for bowling the fastest delivery of 161.3kmph against England in the 2003 World Cup.